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Staycation in NYC

where to go in new york

New York City is full of excitement and fabulous things to do as you’ve all seen on Sex and the City. The lights are always on, pizza shops stay open, there’s always new people to meet and new things to do. Being a born and raised gal from NYC, I’ve seen A LOT, but also haven’t taken advantage of it’s full potential. What does NYC have to offer? I live…

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Beauty/Fashion/ Blog

Summer Nails are Here!

essie summer nail polishes

With each season comes not only new fashion in the clothing and shoe department, but also your nails. I’m the kind of gal to paint my own nails and get them on my skin, so yes I’m into nail polishes– what’s new? I’ve always been an Essie fan due to their always abundance of colorful polishes and on trend colors. Heck, my second blog post ever was on Essie– here’s…

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Donating Hair for a Good Cause

acts of kindness

*Donating Hair for a Good Cause* As a parent we always try to school our kids to become the best human they can be; love one another, help one another, be polite, be generous and countless other important traits we want to instill in them. But, it’s one thing to to just talk about it and another to show them with an example. What we try to teach in our…

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Scary Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

scary unicorn party

*This birthday was all thanks to by Sky Zone, Party City and Oriental Trading for all free services. All statements are truthful** I’m not lying… this scary unicorn theme birthday party was all conjured up in my now 5-year-olds beautiful mind. The first two years I picked the theme and we had family parties; safari theme and then the good ol’ Sesame Street theme. After that it was keeping it…

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Pre-K Graduation

dealing with motherhood

Pre-K Graduation Yesterday my offspring, Miss Ziana Eliz, graduated from Pre-k and I couldn’t have imagined feeling any different than I did at that moment. When I first got Ziana’s graduation letter listing all the information I read a bit past the second line and started to cry. I really don’t remember when I became such a sap– ah, yes, motherhood. I’m sure some parents out there can’t stand those…

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Eating Up Every Moment at Breakfast

summer menu at ihop

*This post has been sponsored by IHOP. We are already consumers of this chain and knew this would be a great partnership. All opinions are my own* We all may know that when it comes to making breakfast no one in the family ever looks to me to save their tummies. I just don’t have the knack for it and plus, daddy is the pancake man so why would I…

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Wonder Woman Style

wonder woman gear for women

Who was super excited for the release of the new Wonder Woman film then, well, women? Now, don’t get me wrong I know many men were excited too, but this was our film! Finally a ballsy chick who took down the bad guys and fought for a better tomorrow. Some of us know that Wonder Woman has been around for years and we know the history of who she was,…

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Unbelievable Facts About Johnson and Johnson

facts to know about Johnson's Baby

Oh, yes the title says it all– Johnson & Johnson has many hidden secrets you may or may not know of. I became and ambassador for Johnson’s Baby last year and was beyond thrilled. When I first started blogging it was for fun, and although it still is fun, I never thought of making it a business and being given so many opportunities. My mother lathered me in Johnson’s Baby…

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Top 6 New Baby Items Worth Investing In

Baby items worth buying and investing in

Top 6 New Baby Items Worth Investing In I don’t know what I’m more obsessed with– babies or baby gear. I think we all have an interest in gadgets especially in the baby area, if of course you have a one. Every year I trek the whole family over to the New York Baby Show and we had a hoot of a time! It’s truly amazing how innovative some of…

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Ideas for a Kids Bedroom When Living in a Small Place

Ideas for your kids bedroom when living in a small apartment

Ideas for a Kids Bedroom When Living in a Small Place I figured I’d give a quick tour of the kids bedroom since I’ve always been asked how I can possibly fit two kids in a tiny New York City apartment. When you decorate a home it takes time– at least for us regular folks on a budget to complete project around your home. There’s not one room in our…

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Ways to Stop Constipation

child is constipated

Ways to Stop Constipation A few weeks ago me and Ziana went to a pool birthday party- super fun, super wet! All was great until it was time to for her to finish eating her plate of yummy chicken, Spanish rice and salad. The sloughed over look, sad eyes and whining came out of nowhere and she said her stomach was hurting. Now we recently had discovered that when she…

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